My name is Teresa, Tree to just about everybody, and I’m a software engineer. While these days my professional focus is mostly on accounting software and reporting tools (I enjoy it, honestly!) I’ve worked in a number of different areas over the years. The skills I’ve learnt and the interests I’ve developed haven’t gone away and this site is a way to showcase other areas of coding that I enjoy!

Web Design

Over the years I’ve worked on a number of websites, mostly for societies that I’ve been involved with. In winter 2013/2014, my personal situation meant that I had the time to develop my skills and help out friends and family with sites of their own.


Myself and my husband are currently taking a bit of a sabbatical from everyday life and have been travelling the Mediterranean on our boat Tinkerbell. Given my interests, and him being a bit of nerd as well, a few different projects for the boat have arisen.